About Sands & Company Real Estate

Sands & Company Real Estate, a firm which has been selling houses in Southeastern PA for over 30 years, is a “boutique” brokerage located in the heart of Berks County in Wyomissing, PA.   

Comprised of 14 of the area’s best and most conscientious realtors, our dynamic and highly capable team includes PhD’s, I.T. experts, landscape experts, business owners, prominent Berks County board members, and more!  Behind owner/broker Bill Sands- the smartest and most experienced real estate agent in Berks County- Sands & Company Real Estate has become the area’s premiere real estate firm for quality, service and knowledge.  

Because we spend more time on marketing, research and promotion with each listing, our clients make way, way more money on their homes with us (click here for more details on that).   Same goes for buyers who choose use me to buy their home. 

Picture the restaurant industry.  There are numerous chain restaurants with preservatives, processed and frozen foods.  And then there are the farm-to-table restaurants with fresh ingredients, meats and vegetables from local farms where the food is hand prepared and made in-house with much care, precision and intelligence.   

Sands & Company Real Estate is the farm-to-table restaurant in the real estate industry.  The buyers and sellers who have chosen me as their realtors have reaped the benefits.   

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