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See our highlights below.  Our firm is setting records all over Berks County….and Beyond!  SMART home sellers are choosing us because they realize we dedicate more time, expertise and research into each listing, combined with the best photography, marketing and promotion you will see, so that you get the highest price and best outcome possible!  33 years experience and we see the transaction the whole way through instead of getting you to sign a contract and then dumping it to a secretary the rest of the way.

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The numbers don’t lie!






Eastern Berks: 

1301 Limekiln Road.  2360 sq ft, 1.5 acres built 1989. SOLD $360,000 July 2019

Highest Price in last 10 years for Oley, Antietam AND Fleetwood schools for <3,000 sq ft, <2 acres, built before 2009



25 Hearthstone Drive, 19606.  SOLD May 2019.  $256,000. Multiple Offers.  2200 sq. feet., 4 br, .33 acre, built 1971.  

***#1 all time highest price on MLS record for an Exeter single 4br home built pre-1981, <2400 sq ft, .5 acre or less (no pool)

source:  Bright MLS  7/25/2019

 above pictures:  25 Hearthstone



4765 Dunham Drive, 19606.  SOLD June 2019.  $282,000.  Heavily and Intelligently Marketed.  Patient, professional pictures, top notch staging.   

Result:  A Multiple offer first weekend and Highest price for Dunham Drive (4 bedroom house) in last 10 years!  

 above pictures:  Dunham Drive



3920 Reiff Place, 19606. SOLD August 2019.  2200 sq. ft., 3 br, .4 acre, built 1960

*** #1 Highest price in 10 years and last 622 listings for an Exeter 3 br, <2500 sq. ft and .5 acre, built before 1977




17 High Meadow Lane, 19533.   SOLD June 2019.  $360,000.  Under Contract in 1 day. 4 br, 2868 sq ft, 1.4 acres

***Highest price for Schuylkill Valley Schools in the last 11 years for a 4 br, built before 2017, <3 acres and 3500 sq. ft




3348 Harwood. Sold May 2018, Full Price.  $474,900

Highest Price for Harwood Drive since 2011



Short on square footage?  No Problem! 

444 Riviera Drive, 19510.  2,050 sq. ft., built 2002.  Sold $269,900.  

Highest price since 2007 for a Fleetwood 4 bedroom built before 2018, <1 acre, <2400 sq ft. 


206 Opal Ave.  SOLD $198,000. 

#1 all-time Highest Price on MLS record for a 3br house between Prospect and Parkview!



1100 Evergreen Drive.  Sold $475,000. 

Highest Priced house sold in Reading City since 2008.


Schuylkill Valley:  653 Scenic Drive.  3 br, 1.97 acres, built 1979.  SOLD $399,900

#1 All time Highest Price on MLS Record for a Schuylkill Valley 3br (<5 acres, built before 2017)


It’s not just Berks County……….


18 E Linden St, Richland, PA.  SOLD $390,000 3868 sq ft, 4br, 1.64 acres, built 1950 

#1 highest price on MLS record (9,999 days {27.4 years} ) for a 4 bedroom in Eastern Lebanon County School district, less than 7,000 sq ft, 2 acres or less, built 1993 or earlier


2nd highest price on MLS record for ENTIRE Lebanon County for houses built before 1986, less than 2 acres, 4000 sq ft or less

ok… had a pool.   well……

#1 highest all time for Lebanon County out of 95 listings with in-ground pool, less than 7,000 sq ft, built before 1990, less than 8 acres.


15 Granite Lane.  Sold in 3 days!  Cash!


2 Greenwood Mall.  3 open houses, and sold on the 21st day.  Full Price!  Multiple offers!


807 N 26th St.  Sold in 3 days.  Full Price!


414 Vineyard Lane- Chester County.  Sold in first weekend.  Full Price

*first to get full price in the prior 13 Eagleview town homes.


4741 Oley Turnpike Road.  Sold in first weekend.  Full Price.


820 Colonial Drive.  Sold in first weekend.  Full Price.


3825 Raymond Street.  Sold in first weekend.  Full Price.


4473 Pheasant Run.  Sold in first weekend.  Full Price. 


520 Lockheed Ave.  Sold in 3 days.  Full Price


Yours can be next!


statistics derived from Bright MLS data of homes listed and sold in the date range and criteria given.